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Design Detox

As designers with a certain aesthetic, we enjoy having an ear to the design world to learn of the latest trends and movements.

In December of 2015, Interior Design magazine shared an article on the ‘Top 10 Design Trends to Watch for in 2016’. New Year resolutions are no longer just about a cleanse for you, but also your home. 2016 is all about the ‘Design Detox’ style.

New York-based hospitality designer, Stacy Garcia, wrote, “the growing emphasis on this need to always be connected has created a movement to find quiet simplicity amongst the noise,” and we couldn’t agree more. As lives get busier, homes should be calmer.

The idea of a retreat, a quiet space, organization and simplicity should play into any home’s design. For our clients there is always an air of ease and effortlessness that we find to be the backbone for good design.

One of our more recent projects that we designed truly embodies the detox trend, without feeling cold. Have a look at Camino del Monte Sol:

*Photo credit © Wendy McEahern

Third party use of photography by permission of Wendy McEahern ONLY and subject to licensing fees. ALL OTHER RIGHTS RESERVED

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