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V & R Interiors, Santa Fe, happy to announce that it is welcoming new ownership

The well-known and much-loved interior design firm V & R Interiors in Santa Fe, and proprietors of THE STORE, welcome Kelly Collum and John Hare of interiors firm Core Design as new owners.

Michael Violante and Paul Rochford

Paul Rochford and Michael Violante of V & R Interiors

After a lifetime spent in Santa Fe, Michael and Paul have decided to retire and move to Minneapolis, Minnesota to start a new chapter in their lives, be closer to relatives, and enjoy lakeside living. They leave Santa Fe with full hearts, and thank all of those who supported them over the years. "All the important relationships we have made here overwhelm us with gratitude and happiness. We hope that you will welcome Kelly and John the same way you have always welcomed us." - Paul Rochford and Michael Violante

Regarding the new ownership, Paul and Michael chose Core Design and its principles to carry on their legacy. They will work within the existing framework of V & R, and adapt their aesthetic to Santa Fe, an exciting proposition for the new owners!

Kelly Collum and John Hare, Core Design

Kelly Collum and John Hare of Core Design

"We are excited and overjoyed to be calling Santa Fe our home. Through Michael and Paul, we've grasped the design aesthetic for which they and their team have excelled in the community and beyond. Their business model is very similar to Core Design, in which we see the design process with clients as a collaborative process. Quality and service are paramount with our business and that will continue with V & R." - John Hare

"We immediately gravitated toward John Hare and Kelly Collum of Core Design, also a married couple with a commitment to beautiful spaces and unique interior design goods, like we are. It is important that we had the right designers to carry forth and evolve the V & R brand." - Paul Rochford

The entire staff at V & R will be retained in this new iteration of the company, so that seamless service and outlook will be maintained. Michael and Paul will also be staying on as consultants to the new business for several months, which will ensure a smooth transition.

"John and Kelly have an interior design business in San Antonio, working throughout Texas and beyond, and they work much in the same way we do, from the ground up. While their Texas flair is geared for a Texas lifestyle, we and our staff will help bridge their talent for design to fit the Santa Fe aesthetic. The couple is extremely excited to embrace Santa Fe and what living here really means, for themselves personally and for their new clients at V & R Interiors." - Michael Violante

"This enchanted area is immediately attractive to us as are the people of Santa Fe and their design style. V & R is an established, well respected institution in the community, and Michael and Paul will be with us as we continue the company along with its fantastic employees." - Kelly Collum

We will miss everybody here so much, but will welcome John and Kelly to Santa Fe. We leave them with a sensitive, fully-trained staff who know and love Santa Fe and will help the clients realize their design and interior decor needs. And to all of our friends, who are many, we will always be a part of your lives and you of ours!

Thank you so much!

For further information please contact:

Terre Wood

V & R Interiors - THE STORE

401 Paseo de Peralta

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Carol Leggett

Carol Leggett Public Relations

39 West 14th Street, Suite #405

New York, New York 10011


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