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Texture, Pattern, Color, and Form - Oh My!

Thayer Coggin Sofa in linen fabric.  V & R Interiors - The Store

The season of renewal is here, and the blooming is coming! Santa Fe is gorgeous this time of year, and the delightful nature is new and fresh. It leads us to our vision for interiors and the approach we take with each and every client. No matter where you are in your designing wants and needs, you are most likely looking for inspiration and wanting to know how it all works.

We thought it might be helpful to uncover the anatomy of a design. Our clients have said, "I did not know there was so much work involved in this process." That being said, let's talk about the elements necessary in creating a design, and, in reality, the multifaceted art form of what we do. Who knows, the next new project just might be in your future!

Interior Design is essentially the art and science of enhancing the interior of a space. Our intention with each project is to create a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using it, and that involves getting to know our clients first. A mix of creativity, spatial planning, color coordination, furniture selection, and attention to detail is what it takes to make interior dreams come true.

Texture, pattern, color, and form are the essential elements of a design that help us to achieve the overall look and feel.

Contemporary style bedroom with upholstered bed.  V & R Interiors

Texture plays a crucial role by adding visual and tactile interest to a space. When we think about texture, we envision the action it brings to a surface - from upholstery details and wall finishes to the touch, to patterns in wood furniture, and so on.

Texture and pattern can create depth, enhance ambiance, and evoke specific emotions. By including a range of textures, like sleek finishes, luxurious fabrics, or coarse materials, a design becomes more dynamic and harmonious. Creating with these finishes involves thoughtfully manipulating natural materials to enhance the design, and that is our job in guiding you.

Modern kitchen, clean lines, with tile, stone, and wood.  V & R Interiors

Architectural texture refers to the surface quality of structural elements as walls, floors, ceilings. It adds a foundational layer to the design while influencing the overall aesthetic. For instance, exposed brick, tile, stone surfaces, or concrete walls - all contribute unique texture that become integral to the visual appeal of what the design is trying to achieve. Combining architectural textures with furnishings and decor helps to create a cohesive and proportional design scheme.

Sitting nook, a blend of traditional and contemporary style.  Bold zig zag upholstery.  V & R Interiors

What we love about mood-setting patterns is that it's a great way to define style and theme. Geometric patterns create a modern aesthetic, floral patterns evoke a traditional atmosphere, and abstract patterns give a contemporary vibe.

Patterns can provide an overall direction for the design. You can play with perception of depth and dimension. Vertical stripes can elongate walls, while intricate patterns can create a sense of layering and complexity, resulting in a room that appears more energetic. Strategic use of patterns can guide the eye and direct attention to specific areas, or to something you wish to feature within the room.

Bar area with mood-setting pattern, defining style and theme.  V & R Interiors

When we reflect on the emotional impact of a space, we consider color and form. Not only is functionality important in planning a design, but the interesting aspect of the space is what can give the room its personality. Color and form can bring a home to life, and selecting the perfect color palette to fit a client's taste can be very exciting, especially when it involves a new color or a new style of furniture.

Charming and bright sitting area.  V & R Interiors

In the color industry, they draw their inspiration from the runway for the most surprising trends. For example, traditional decor can have a fresh look by combining warm chocolate brown paired with dark, clean navy blue. Just like in fashion, red continues to be the passion color and is a favorite in the V & R house. Try pairing it with gray for a fresher and more unexpected look rather than the traditional black combination.

In 2024, the color experts say purple may take center stage. Try combining it with army green and soft accessories for a modern and updated atmosphere. While we might not always follow the latest trend, color brings originality and it can make a big difference in a design. Always in our wheelhouse is the sophistication and balanced, soft palette that neutral colors can offer.

Wherever color may take us, an enduring aesthetic is what can make a design even more appealing for years to come.

Antique ceramic bowl.  Decorative element and focal point to the room.  V & R Interiors

Form pertains to the shape and physical appearance of objects within a space. It consists of furniture, architectural details, decorative elements, and the room's overall design. Consideration of scale, proportion, and balance ensures a harmonious visual experience in a room. Form will influence the flow of a room, determining how people move through and interact with the space. Crafting a dynamic composition with color and form infuses the space with vibrancy, harmony, and visual intrigue. A must in how we design.

At its core, interior design is about creating compositions within the physical space. Like other art forms, interior design is personal, reflecting the tastes, values, and lifestyles of the people we design for. We believe that art and life are one story, and our goal is always to deliver expressiveness that our clients can live by.

The process is actually very rewarding when all the elements of texture, pattern, color, and form work together. We think a good design should deliver us to a better place, and with that in mind, we say, trust the process. We are here to guide you!


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