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Harmony At Home

We love the phrase living your best life, and all the possibilities it conjures. From a design perspective, we believe creating a harmonious environment can indeed support that very type of life - the best it can be! You don't buy the perfect home; you create it. Your home should suit your needs, be functional and appeal to your senses. Yet, we would be amiss if we did not mention all the important reasons creating harmony in a space has great value. Emotional well-being for one.

A home in harmony cultivates a positive and peaceful mood. There's nothing more wonderful than a nurturing atmosphere where love, trust, and cooperation thrive. It can be palpable. Haven't you ever walked into someone's home and you feel as if you were breathing deeper? You let go, you relax, and in that moment, the energy of harmony is doing its job!

Harmony brings security and happiness to families (and pets!). It reduces stress, tension, and conflict, creating a relaxed and supportive abode. Speaking from experience, a harmonious home environment promotes healthy relationships. It can encourage effective communication and understanding.

Working from home has now become commonplace. A peaceful office can provide an environment conducive to productivity and focus. When there is order, organization, and a sense of balance,

it becomes easier to concentrate on tasks, whether it's work, studying, or pursuing hobbies. Clutter-free spaces reduce distractions, leading to greater efficiency.

There's been a lot written on the negative effects of clutter in a house. This can zap a harmonious environment like no other. Cluttered spaces can be taxing. Physical clutter can create obstacles, making it difficult to navigate while interrupting the flow of a room. It can lead to feelings of stress and overwhelm.

You will even find when a home is harmonious, it becomes a space that nurtures creativity. It can inspire you. Pleasing surroundings, personal decor, and a calm ambiance can promote imagination and encourage self-expression. Think about how this can affect personal growth! And even with all this, we understand life is not perfect. There will be difficulties, but an excellent design with a harmonious platform to jump from every day is a good place to begin. Goals!

Harmony has been defined as agreement; accord; harmonious relations, a consistent or pleasing arrangement of parts to their whole or to one another; congruity. Unity, peace, balance. Harmony in lifestyle varies from person to person. Balance can be achieved in interior design when elements used are in alignment. Harmony, melody, and rhythm are the elements of music. Interior design is composing a harmony of color, texture, beauty, and comfort for a home. Can't you imagine Michael and Paul being the symphony's conductors in our little V & R world?! Where's the baton?!

Our last blog focused on the Visual Art of Ceramics and its connection to nature and its source. Harmonious relations can be the key to all things. In design, there are many elements that can contribute to creating harmonious interior design in a home. The inner sanctum of your home is where the harmony will live, and this can be achieved in a variety of ways. Here are suggestions we think you may find helpful:

  • Color scheme: Choose a color scheme that is cohesive and pleasing to the eye. Consider using a neutral base with pops of color to add interest.

  • Balance: Achieving balance in placing furniture and decor can create a sense of symmetry and order.

  • Lighting: Proper lighting can enhance the mood of a room and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

  • Texture: Incorporating different textures such as wood, fabric, and metal can add depth and interest to a space.

  • Scale: Choose furniture and decor that are appropriate in scale for the size of the room. Avoid overcrowding or leaving too much space.

  • Flow: Ensure that the layout of the room allows for effortless movement and traffic flow.

  • Personal touches: Adding personal touches such as family photos or artwork can make a space feel more homey and inviting. Make it your own!

By considering these elements and creating a cohesive design, not only can you create harmony in your home, we believe you can live it! A good design will set the stage for harmony to exist, and the people who live there will bring it to life. A home designed in this way will contribute to overall well-being, something we believe should be at the top of the list. Creating a sense of sanctuary and belonging, identity and stability, happiness and health, is what living your best life is all about. Above all else, find your balance point and be inspired. A standard in our design practice, we like to follow.

We'll leave you with this quote that seems fitting. From the book by John O'Donohue - Beauty: The Invisible Embrace.

"A home is not simply a building; it is the shelter around the intimacy of a life. Coming in from the outside world and its rasp of force and usage, you relax and allow yourself to be who you are. The inner walls of a home are threaded with the textures of one's soul, a subtle weave of presences. If you could see your home through the lens of the soul, you would be surprised at the beauty concealed in the memory your home holds. When you enter some homes, you sense how the memories have seeped to the surface, infusing the aura of the place and deepening the tone of its presence. Where love has lived, a house still holds the warmth."

Happy home and happy health to you!


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