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New Year Resolution Ideas for Home Improvement

V & R Interior Design, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Classic design, neutral palette, East coast meets Santa Fe.

Have you ever made an interior design resolution? Not only do personal goals make the grade with us, we think your home deserves a resolution - evolution too! Starting the year off with a positive change for your home is a tangible way to invest in your environment for the upcoming year, and we suggest you do!

From simple to what might feel risk-taking, what is the vision for design home improvement in 2024? What is the something new you wish for your home? What are your forward-thinking goals and how will this impact the way you live?

A home is a sanctuary. When you feel the urge to make a change, you deserve to feel comfortable in your living space. We've put together some thoughts that may help you be inspired to make it happen.

Open concept living, dining area with built-in book case and TV storage. V & R Interior Design, Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Simplifying can mean focusing on a minimalistic decor, or by creating designated areas for specific activities, but our recommendation is organization first. Getting organized won't break the bank and will make your space feel completely refreshed and ready for the year ahead!

It can be in the office, the closets, the kitchen, finding space for books, the bathroom - you name it, decluttering and organizing is a good thing for your home and your mental well-being.

Handcrafted storage baskets, made in Mexico from soft, pliable palm leaf. Hand-woven and hand-dyed.  Available from V & R Interiors - The Store.

What better way to start out the year than to get rid of the old that no longer serves a purpose? If you don't use it.....let it go - donate, donate, donate!

As for the rest of your things? Store them in a more organized way making whatever it is accessible and easy to find. Creating functional and stylish storage solutions is a simple thing you can do. One of our favorite tools of the trade for organizing is baskets. Not only functional, but they look great too! Give it a try.


Have you ever wanted to create a collage wall with family photos or with items that hold sentimental value? How about incorporating meaningful artwork as a wall of art?

V & R Interior Designs, personalized with a collage wall of fine art by Rafael Soares.  Guest bedroom design.  Designer's home, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Choosing a new color scheme and mixing textures for depth with pillows, window treatments, or rugs?

These are all great choices for giving your room a new look by adding personality that is uniquely yours.


Speaking about choosing a new color scheme, did you know certain colors can impact your state of mind? If you want to play with color by painting a single wall or the entire room, ask yourself what new direction are you moving toward in this year?

Color psychology is a relatively new science that explores how color can impact emotions and behavior. Warm colors like red and yellow can evoke energies of happiness and passion, while cool colors like blue and green may promote a calming and peaceful atmosphere, new beginnings, and growth. Color can help reduce stress, improve sleep, induce optimism, cheerfulness, and more.

V & R Interior Design firm.  Casa Alegria, Santa Fe, New Mexico

If thinking along these lines, it's essential to consider your personal association with color when selecting them for spaces. Work with the furnishings you have, or perhaps it's time to replace the sofa with something new. Find a textile with the color that speaks to your senses, or look to nature to find the colors you're drawn to. Have fun with it, and don't be afraid to make a statement!

V & R Interiors, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Inviting outdoor dining area.


When we think about bringing nature indoors or creating the outdoor living spaces around your home, we think of nature as a necessary element to living a life in harmony.

House plants for improved air quality is the most obvious way to bring nature inside, but don't forget how important it is to take in nature through windows. Window treatments can complement natural light and the view you may have, or hide something less appealing if that is the case.

V & R Interiors, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Open concept kitchen and breakfast area.

An adventurous task might be to install a window wall for a greater view, and well worth it, when your budget allows. A not so difficult project, would be an outdoor dining and sitting area. What could be more comforting at the end of a fast-paced long day, but a serene outdoor environment to share with family and friends. Maybe, it will be a special spot just for you and a good book!

V & R Interiors, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Outdoor table and chairs.

A home should allow you to unwind and feel the warmth of what makes you happy. Depression, anxiety, stress, and lack of sleep can really affect us. To feel at ease and comforted by a space can help carry us through life's ups and downs.

Certain design elements, with the embrace of nature, can truly help. Open your home to the outdoors and vice versa. This type of transformation can be a home improvement game changer. Think of it as a focus on well-being spaces that will only have your best interest at heart.


If a new piece of furniture or a refresh of your entire home is the goal for 2024, staying timeless yet on trend involves blending classic, enduring elements with current design styles.

V & R Interiors, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Blending classic and current design styles. Antique chest, contemporary lamp, abstract paining in bold colors.

Invest in timeless pieces for the foundation and incorporate trendier elements through accessories or smaller items. This ensures your space remains stylish and adaptable to evolving trends without losing its timeless appeal. Your personal style will definitely play a role, and it doesn't have to be complicated.

Do one thing to improve a room you spend the most time in. Maybe it's time for new lamps with bold color to pair with classic end tables. Replace or re-purpose. There are many great textiles for re-upholstery of a fine antique chair. Doing a neutral palette to accent stronger features such as objects and art is another great choice.

Big or small, change is a good thing, and staying current can lend value to your home in more ways than you might imagine.

With the start of this new year, we believe anything is possible and we are excited to see what it may bring! Let us know what your thoughts are. We are always here to help, and we say ready, set, go!

Here's to a creative 2024, new year resolution ideas for home improvement, and for achieving those goals. Happy New Year to you!


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