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The Significance Of The Rug In Interior Design

Rug: noun

mat – carpet – floor cloth

A floor covering of woven material typically not extending over the entire floor.

A rug by any other name is still a rug, and sometimes by simply adding the softness and comfort, a rug can effortlessly transform a room into a tranquil setting. We know this best from our design experience, and we have seen firsthand how the texture, color, or pattern of a rug can do wonders in bringing everything together.

You may think it would be obvious, the important role that rugs play, but some of our reasons may surprise you. For instance, rugs can enhance the flow of energy in a home. When you lay a rug on a hard surface it creates a visual pathway, and this can draw the eye to the connecting spaces. In this same way, rugs can help define a space. Especially with open floor plans when its necessary to differentiate a living room from a dining space, for example.

Fine rugs of the right color and size can change everything, including how they can significantly help to reduce noise and echo in a room. When it comes to the bedroom, the use of area rugs on both sides of the bed can be an option. Instead of an oversized rug where the major portion is concealed under the bed and possibly hiding a great design. The problem solving and versatility of a rug can be a design life saver.

If you are planning a room renovation or doing interiors for a new house, the rug really is the easiest item to help improve the desired look and feel of an area. We call rugs a foundational element that can be best described as the influencer in the overall composition of a space in several ways. After considering the purpose of a room and the furnishings, here’s how it works….

Color Palette ~

When it comes to the aesthetic value, rugs often display a variety of colors and patterns that can make a space feel more inviting. If necessary, they can brighten a dark room. When a room has dark hardwood, a lighter color rug can provide a contrasting balance to the room’s presence. By selecting a rug with colors that you love, it can be a starting point for choosing the color palette for the rest of the room, and even the inspiration for the entire house. This helps ensure the other elements in the space, like furniture and décor, will harmonize well with the entire design and color scheme.

Style and Theme ~

Rugs come in various styles, from traditional to modern and everything in-between. Selecting a rug that embodies the style or theme you want for the room can set the tone and guide the design direction for the entire space. To give an example, rugs with geometric shapes or floral patterns can create a striking or theatrical effect, while providing visual depth and interest at the same time. Don’t be afraid to try a new theme that will make a bold statement. It may surprise you!

Scale and Proportion ~

The size of the rug can dictate how furniture is arranged within the room. It can define seating areas, dining spaces, or other functional zones. Starting with a rug helps establish the scale and proportion of the room’s layout. Michael will always tell you, to keep the front legs of any sofa or chair at least three inches or more on the rug, or completely off all together. When a rug is in proper proportion to the space, it can help anchor the furniture and ground the space by introducing a sense of balance and calm. Think of a resting place that creates a feeling of cozy enjoyment all year round.

Texture and Comfort ~

The choice of rug materials can influence the overall tactile experience in the space, making it an important consideration for both aesthetics and comfort. Rugs add texture to a room and provide a comfortable surface underfoot. We think you must have a comfy and warm touch for your bare feet. Especially during the colder months!

Personal Expression

and Style ~

Rugs can be highly personal choices, reflecting your individual taste and personality. Starting with a rug you love allows you to infuse your unique style into the design. Are you a solid bold color-block style person, or the old world Persian type? Or maybe both!

We have to say, Navajo rugs are some of our personal favorites. They can bring a distinctive cultural and artistic element to interior design. They often feature intricate patterns and vibrant colors, adding a unique visual appeal to a space. Beyond aesthetics, Navajo rugs can also serve as conversation pieces, showcasing the rich history and craftsmanship of Native American culture. Integrating these rugs into interior design allows for a blend of tradition and contemporary style, creating a dynamic and culturally enriched environment. From our design perspective, the Navajo rug’s impact on a room can be tremendous.

In our business, rugs are considered a work of art, being described as artwork for the floor. There really is no limit to what a great design that incorporates rugs, can do for your home. We will always recommend quality materials to ensure durability, allowing the rug to be enjoyed for years to come. It can be a lasting centerpiece for a gathering place. When helping our clients, our goal is to enhance a space that will make everyone feel right at home. Imagine what the history of the rug might say, from its woven textile beginnings to finding its special setting with you.

Without question, rugs are significant and essential to a design!


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