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How The Magic Happens at Violante & Rochford

First time remodelers, home buyers, or redecorators often ask us, “What is the interior design process like?” It’s a common question and one we love to answer. Why? Because while the steps in the process may be the same, the outcome is always unique and exclusive to the client.

Step 1: The Conversation

We sit down with every new client(s) and have a conversation. We’ll ask them about their preferences, tastes, and style. But we’ll also go a bit deeper. What inspires you? Tell us about your life? Where do you find motivation?

We use the answers from these personal questions as our driving creative force. All of our interior designs are extraordinarily personalized. We never use a single stock or copied idea! As you can see from our article in Luxe, we go to extreme lengths to make sure our designs are unique to each client.

As also mentioned in our New York Spaces interview, we spent a lot of time with clients before we get started; learning about their personalities, finding a happy medium between a couple ideas, seeing what colors and pieces they gravitate towards and find comfortable. This process really helps inform us as to where we should take the design.

Step 2: The Brainstorm

Once we’ve got your answers, we’ll sit down and brainstorm. This means bouncing ideas off one another, sketching, researching, and more. Since one of us has an arts and business background and the other a design expertise, our strengths combine during this stage of the process to finalize our ideas and present them to you.

Step 3: The Work

After presenting our ideas to you and getting your approval, it’s time for us to get to work. We’ll order the furniture, accessories, supplies, and more. Our team will get right to work bringing your interior design dreams to life.

Step 4: The Final Reveal

After all our hard work and effort, this is our favorite part – revealing the final design to the clients. While transforming a space is a thrill, the real treasure is seeing the excitement on our clients’ faces when they see the finished piece.

Let’s work together, on your interior design dreams!

Need a space in your home or business remodeled or transformed? Contact us today to start the conversation!

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