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How do we define Southwest Style?

For centuries people have moved to the Southwest for many reasons – whether it be spiritual, health-related, or for some unexplainable reason that they feel compelled to call this area home. As people arrived, they brought with them their prized possessions in furniture, objects, art, and books from all over the world.

This continues to this day.

In our minds a Santa Fe home is one that brings your past into your present. A Santa Fe or Southwestern be a subtle nod to the landscape and historical past, together with a reflection of all that has made you who are you. In our designs, we combine various geographic regions’ style with antiquity, contemporary or modern design. We always try and find elements in the home where your eye can rest naturally. Not everything has to be a ‘show stopper’ – instead you focus on elements that are simple and can calm and ground a space.

Colors that are chosen can often bring the feel of the southwest into the home. Quite honestly many work – look at the landscape of the southwest – nothing does it better than mother nature (sky, color of the soil, trees at various times of the year, sun, clouds, etc..).

When choosing patterns we prefer patterns in moderation that may offer a nod to the southwest without being cliché. We are also huge fans of certain Navajo weavings which can be incorporated into very traditional or very contemporary environments. To sum up what Southwestern style is, to us, it’s natural. We allow the colors and shapes of the spaces we work in speak for themselves. And remember, style is fluid, it isn’t meant to be static – it changes with the season and the client. Best wishes and here's to the shimmering of Spring around the corner! Paul & Michael

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