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Our Signature Style

This residence is an excellent example of a Territorial Style home, found only in Northern New Mexico. The Territorial Style is very clean, very classic, with elements of Greek Revival and Gothic wooden details added to a more traditional home. The owners of this home are an East Coast family. Violante & Rochford had designed a vacation home for the family in Santa Fe while they were still living in Boston. Now the family has relocated to Santa Fe, and this is the second major project they have worked with the designers on. Many important pieces were brought from Boston, like the dining table and chairs, which reflect a more traditional, East Coast style. Violante & Rochford styled the dining room with a Navajo textile hanging on the wall, and an oversized, contemporary chandelier. The whole house is a mix of Italian antiques, Spanish antiques, and more contemporary pieces, mixed with the owners’ previous pieces. This style of mixing different periods, both vintage and contemporary, is a signature of the designers, while keeping the home décor airy and spacious.

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