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A Peek Inside Casa Alegria

- The Happy Home -

Casa Alegria, also known as the "Happy Home", took about 18 months to finish, and was a complete gut renovation with the actual structure of the house being changed to make it bigger, with two guest houses added! These are clients that Violante & Rochford have worked with before, and who have become very good friends of Paul & Michael. V & R worked on this project with Woods Builders, with whom they partner often. The color palate included brown, cream, tan and toast. The neutral combination of color ebbs and flows, with small pops of colors as accents. The project included the main house, the guest house, and the casita (a smaller guest house), which faces the pool. The whole property is about 7 acres with major landscaping throughout. There is plenty of room for entertaining large numbers, and enough space for the owners’ extended family and friends. The house is traditional, but the furniture is more contemporary. The furnishings are a mix of several of the owners’ previous houses, one in Barbados, London, and on the East Coast. “We used similar rugs in all the rooms to make the décor in the house cohesive," says Paul. "Color was used to unify the diverse collection, as well as the use of simpler lines; geometric and bold Navajo pieces and straighter lines for the furniture, brought it all together as well."

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